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5 April
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My name is Whitney. I am a teenager looking for fun and entertainment. I have had 3 LiveJournals and this is *hopefully* my last one. I do not like people adding me to Msn who never talk. So, if you add me to Msn, please put forth some effort to talk! I'm pretty down to earth and caring. I hold my head high & walk with pride. I write poetry. It is the second love of my life. <3

This is my personal journal. I did not make this journal for people to leave harassing comments in. If you are so pathetic as to have to do that kind of shit for a kick, I suggest you just leave . Inside my lovely journal, I will have posted my poetry. I strongly suggest you do not rip off my poetry as your own. =o) Please, and thank you. My journal was inspired by an old friend whom I have lost contact with. </3> Hopefully, you all learn something new and exciting about me. Ta ta.

Life is nothing without your friends at your side. Luckily, I was blessed with many of them. I have my best friend, Damon . He's been through almost everything I have been through in the past 3 or so years. Thank you. I also have a close friend named Kameron . He's funny , sweet , & honest . Go Kameron! Vicki . Wow, there is so much you could say about this beautiful ray of sunshine . She's compassionate , amazingly beautiful , an excellent shoulder to cry on . She has won my heart! <3 Josh. He's such a sweetheart! He's this amazing guy who knows how to have a great time! Muah! Airin. Although I don't know him very well, he seems like a wonderful guy. Hehe. Emma . She just walked into my life and made it everything it ever could be. I'm thankful for her love.

I live with my mother & father . My mother's name is Tracy . She's the light of my darkness . Despise the face we never get along and she abuses me, she's still great. My father is named Bill . He's a great guy who knows his fishing . I love them both with all my heart. Sure, we may have our differences but what family doesn't ? It's all a matter of who can play their cards right. We have our fights & disagreements , but they're easily weeded out. You guys are the best!

I enjoy doing many different things. I'm unoriginal and creative in what I do. I love writing , sleeping , hanging with my friends mentioned above , violence of any type , sitting in Vicki's van and admiring the stars , anime , dancing in the rain , mud wrestling , chatting online , talking on the phone to those who matter , listening to music in my room , wandering about my neighborhood in hopes for new adventures , going to Vicki & Josh's house and hanging out with them & Star . The list goes on and on.....