January 19th, 2005

|| Woo. ||

Wow, today is the first day in a long time that I can say that I feel good.

I had a fucking kick-ass day today. I breezed through my entire day, and actually got some shit accomplished. I helped my senior friend, Armand, pass BCIS and get the FUCK out of High school. Damn, that made me feel good. Then, Chiaffa came up to me in Geometry calss and actually held a conversation with me. I never thought he really liked me. I just thought he ate with me at lunch since I hang out with Joshua.

THEN, to top all that bullshit off, I had a sub in Mrs. Leach's class. Oh man, I am so far behind in that class. But hey, everyone else is too! SO FUCKING BOO-YA!

I got to see some totally orgasmic pictures of Josua, Victoria and Star! Oh man! They're such a hawt family! Haha! <3

My family is actually warming up to me. Yeah, that's right. They're including me in their fucking lives! The past 2 night, they invited me out of my room to watch some movies with them. Oh god, I wanted so badly to cry 'cause I heard my dad actually laugh. I haven't heard him laugh in ages. It felt good to hear a good sound emitted from him. I was so scared he had became heartless. <3

God, I'm so fucking excited right now. I gotta do something besides sit at my computer. <3 Ta ta!

XxX. Whittey .XxX
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