January 11th, 2005

// - Tired. - \\

I'm so fuckin' tired. I've been slaving over the floor tile we just had put in. I mean, sitting on my knees and scrubbing it with a wet washcloth. Having to walk to my bathroom every 5 seconds to rinse the cloth out. It's fuckin' ugh!

My mother got my report card. I only failed 2 classes. Woot. GO me! My mom wants to get me tutoring, but I told her unless it was me going to a friend's house to be tutored, then no. She asked if Josh or Vicki could tutor me and I was thinking, 'Probably not..' but said yes just for an excuse to hang out with them! She NEVER lets me out on weeknights unless for school. She'd never have to know we're just hanging out. She offered to do the driving, it was a shocker. She'll do anything for school work, haha.

I might be going to Josh's tomorrow, for sure. My mother said yes, and that she'd come get me and everything. It's so bad-ass. Josh & I were writing notes back and forth in English when we should have been doing an SAT essay. Oh man, that thing was a bitch to do. I'm a whiz at English, and that fucker even boggled my mind.

Kevin talked to me this morning in the rotunda. It was really awkward. AND KAMERON DITCHED SCHOOL! I wrote him ANOTHER letter, and me and Marco looked for him. RAWR! I'm mad at you, Kameron!!!!

I'm sorry Kenny for passing out with you on the phone. I totally forgot. I even missed ATHF, lmfao. Slept right through it. I apologize.

I HAVE LUNCH WITH JOSH AND NICK DOE TOMORROW!! =oD Oh man, this year has been the funnest lunches of my life! All my others one were full of people I hated, but now I got Josh and them to entertain me! VICKI YOU'RE SO LUCKY! =oD!!!!

Something cute. xD

I'm wore out. Ciao.

XxX. Whittey .XxX
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