January 8th, 2005

|| Posting finally. ||

Well, everyone has been bitching that I haven't posted in a long time, so guess what? I finally am.

Not a lot has happened since I last posted. I went through a week of school. I got bitched at for my lip ring, and then I got stuck in P.E. for good. My coach openly admitted to being a gay fucker and my female coach just plain sucks ass. Haha. xD

Kevin & I are no more. We don't talk to one another. Period. All contact has been cut off. Kind of sad if you think about it. I guess it all depends on how much you know about our relationship. =/

I got some really cute pictures. They're cute. Really cute. I'll post some. xD.

[x]These were taken New Years Eve while we were at Aaron's house.[x]

Kameron on his bass.

Vicki & I.

Vicki in Aaron's cool glasses.

[x]These are the gang being funny.[x]

Kameron & Marco jamming out.

The 3 Stooges. xD

Aaron getting made up. Woot.

I have alot more but I'm tired. Ta ta.

XxX. Whittey .XxX
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