January 1st, 2005

|| *Sigh.* ||

Well, today is a shit day. I mean, I was asleep half of it, and the rest of it I felt so lonesome.

My mother and father took me took me to the movies tonight. I managed to scounge enough money to get the Coal Chamber- Dark Days c.d while at Hastings. I went and saw that movie 'Darkness', it was okay. Ending really pissed me off. I felt so lonely all by myself. I saw everyone with their girlfriends or boyfriends. I felt like shit. =o(

I feel so lonely right now. I looked at my phone and saw I missed the most important call I could. I wanted so badly to call back, but knew better than to. I want to cry so badly, or just be with someone. I can't stand being cooped up all alone.

Ugh, I'll just go now.

XxX. Whittey .XxX
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