|| Update. ||

Sorry I haven't been around much. I've been busy being sick or with DJ. Anyways, not a lot has happened with me.

My mommy took me to the Doctor on Friday. We were going at it hardcore that day. I even freaked on my mom while the doctor was in there. I told her, 'Get the fuck off of me. I don't want your help'. The doctor just watched us. I could tell she was uncomfortable. Poor her. </3 What else? Hmmm.....I've been out fo school for a week now, haven't done shit....Lol, I'm tired. </3 Ta ta. XxX. Whittey .XxX
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|| Pierced. ||

I re-pierced my nose tonight. <3 Yay.

Mommy's precious fuck-up. Daddy's little whore. I'm your dream come true, everything you adore.

XxX. Whittey .XxX
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|| Hm. ||

Well, I got the DeadJournal that I wanted, which means I will more than likely post more there than here. Don't worry, I'll still post regularly, I promise!

These are pics of my orgasmic kitty, BuZter. I love her to death. =oD

They're so fab. Haha.

XxX. Whittey .XxX
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|| DeadJournal. ||

.If anyone has a DeadJournal, I'd be very grateful if you could send a code this way so I may get one free! Please?.

XxX. Whittey .XxX
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|| Skipping. ||

Well, today I skipped school. I did absolutely nothing all damn day, just the way I like it. I got to do some song downloading and catch up on some sleep. God, that felt so fucking great.

The thing is, this time I'm not letting my mother be the winner here. Every time I skip, I greet her at the door and explain it. I know she is mad inside, but doesn't show it, so, this time, I'm sitting in the front yard for about an hour and then jumping my fence as the bus arrives. This way, she doesn't know I skipped and doesn't become more disappointed in me. If I am caught, so be it. I tried.

On another note, I met another kitty cat lover named John today. Wow, he's a swell guy, haha. Who uses swell anymore? Oh well. He was pretty interesting. Very funny, and brutally honest. He says that he is a lesbian caught in a skinny male's body. I think that is cute. Haha. xD.

I missed eating lunch with Josh and Nick today though. I totally forgot that I had lunch, otherwise I'd have gone. I also missed giving Brad the rest of his birthday money. I hope he understands. <3

Let's see, what else is there to aimlessly talk about?

Oh, Damon, I'm sorry for passing out on your last night, I was so friggin' tired and sick feeling. I hate that. =o(

.Split black ribbon to your over-coat.
.Seems artificial.
.You know not what you do.

You scored as Mushrooms. Shrooms! You're still goin for one of the most natural drugs. You'd like to visit a whole other world, and see things you've never seen before. Fucking trippy.
















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XxX. Whittey .XxX
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|| Woo. ||

Wow, today is the first day in a long time that I can say that I feel good.

I had a fucking kick-ass day today. I breezed through my entire day, and actually got some shit accomplished. I helped my senior friend, Armand, pass BCIS and get the FUCK out of High school. Damn, that made me feel good. Then, Chiaffa came up to me in Geometry calss and actually held a conversation with me. I never thought he really liked me. I just thought he ate with me at lunch since I hang out with Joshua.

THEN, to top all that bullshit off, I had a sub in Mrs. Leach's class. Oh man, I am so far behind in that class. But hey, everyone else is too! SO FUCKING BOO-YA!

I got to see some totally orgasmic pictures of Josua, Victoria and Star! Oh man! They're such a hawt family! Haha! <3

My family is actually warming up to me. Yeah, that's right. They're including me in their fucking lives! The past 2 night, they invited me out of my room to watch some movies with them. Oh god, I wanted so badly to cry 'cause I heard my dad actually laugh. I haven't heard him laugh in ages. It felt good to hear a good sound emitted from him. I was so scared he had became heartless. <3

God, I'm so fucking excited right now. I gotta do something besides sit at my computer. <3 Ta ta!

XxX. Whittey .XxX
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|| .. ||

I'm not in the mood right now to be fucked with. Damon calls soon, and I get that sickening feeling that I'll scream at him until I burst.

.I could be just like you.
.I could be this corroded little bitch.
.I'd rather just be me.
.A corroded bitch with r e s p e c t .

.I feel so god damn obsolete.
.Kicked around and abused.
.I'm not the hideous beast.
.I'm the WRECKED princess.

.Sometimes I think I know it all.
.Sometimes I know nothing of the situation.
.Sometimes I realize I fucked up.
.Sometimes I honestly don't give a fuck.

  • .I hate Emily. <3
  • .I hate my parents.
  • .I hate all of those that neglect me.
  • .I hate being such a fuck-up.
  • .I hate my upbringing.
  • .I hate being so harsh to those who don't deserve it.
  • .I HATE BEING ME. </3>

    See also: whore.
    See also: suicide.

    Let's take a test, shall we?

    What do we see WhitterZ as?

    <input ... > A bitch.
    <input ... > A & C
    <input ... > A coniving whore.

    Correct answer - B.

    I feel so helpless.

    XxX. Whittey .XxX
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|| Hm. ||

Well, today was another bore. I got my digital camera to work last night. Took it out for a spin today. Got some pics. Enjoy.

Me being funny.

David. He's not all that [cool], but he's sincere.

Kyle. One of my several gay friends. He's the fawking best.

Random kids. Actually, I was aiming for a shot of The Beatles of my P.E. class, but those idiots stepped in the way.

The Beatles...Somewhat.

Josh being silly. Haha.

Joshua lookin' like Kenny outside school.


Josh again!

Chiaffa. Haha.

Nick Doe. Woot.

Daniele and her boyfriend, Eddie.

Jessica (left) and Ruby.

Kyle's sexay pose.

Bradley and his funky hair.

Damien shooting the bird.

That's all the pictures I took today. I took a few more, but they came out like complete shit. Oh well. I'll be taking more, with me included, haha. =oD

I'm not very creative right now, so I gotta jet. Ta.

XxX. Whittey .XxX
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|| Grr. ||

This is going to be grueling to those who know nothing about this..But here goes.

EMILY stay the FUCK off of my LJ. I don't know what in the fuck's sake makes you think I want you reading my shit, but KEEP THE FUCK OUT OF IT.

I fucking LOATHE you!

You can deny being on my journal all you want, but you took that test and I saw your fucking answers, that link was on MY journal, you little coniving slut.


I don't miss your fucking
. I don't miss your
. I don't miss being your

XxX. Whittey .XxX
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